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Some people may believe that just because it is a smaller community a business doesn’t really need to hire an SEO company in York, PA. Despite its size, search engine optimization in York does present challenges.

Many business owners believe that their competitors are not really making their online marketing a priority. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The evidence is all around us.

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All one has to do is open up The York Dispatch or York Sunday News and see how much the classified ads sections have shrunk over the past 10 years. Newspapers are scrambling to find advertisers in this area. The York Dispatch has started trying to sell online subscriptions to make up for lost advertising revenue and traditional print subscribers.

Up and down both Route 83 and Route 30 billboards sit unused for months at a time.

Advertising dollars go where the eyeballs are. More and more businesses in York, PA have realized people are no longer searching in local newspapers or paying attention to signs on the road to find what they need. Why would they when just about everyone has a smartphone in their pocket where they can go to Google and find whatever they might need?

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Today, Google is handling over 63,000 searches every second.

If your potential customers are looking for your products or services in and around York and they are not finding you, they are finding your competitors instead.

A few years ago it was reported that 61% of consumers searched online for a product or service before making a purchase. That number has only risen since then.

Whether you are selling legal services, automobiles, life insurance, real estate, furniture, or food, the chances are that your customers are starting their purchasing journey online first.

Is A Search Engine Optimization Service In York, PA Right For You?

Generally speaking, when businesses first reach out to Clicked Marketing they fit into one of two categories:

The first is the company that really has not made an effort to be found in Google, or maybe they have dabbled in it a little bit, but never made it a marketing priority. They may or may not even have a website set up for their business yet.

One of the first questions these businesses usually have is, Is it too late? Are we too far behind our competition to catch up?

The good news is that it is not too late. Every situation is different and every company has different levels of competition, but we have never failed to improve the search engine visibility of a business we have worked with.

We have experience ranking businesses all over the country as well as internationally. We were one of the first established companies in York to offer SEO services. There is no doubt that working with us will help you to get on an even footing with your competitors no matter what your past efforts have been in regards to SEO.

The second type of business we encounter are the ones who have worked with other SEO’s in the past and the results have been disappointing. They often feel burned or misled. Unfortunately, this is probably the largest group of businesses we encounter.

Like any other line of work, there are people who provide great service and really know what they are doing and there are those that do not.

The most common complaints we hear are:

  • I never heard from the past agency except when an invoice was due.
  • I have no idea what exactly they were doing.
  • When I asked for details about their work, they seemed unwilling to share them citing them as industry secrets or using some other excuse for not divulging more information.
  • They worked on our site for 6 months and we saw no improvement in traffic or sales.

Why will working with Clicked Marketing be any different?

First, we treat our relationships with our clients as a partnership. We never require a client to sign a contract with us. That means they are free to find another agency to work with at any time. That keeps us on our toes. We are aware that if we are not providing tangible results, we will lose that client.

It also means that we are going to grow together. As your business grows, there will be new marketing opportunities that we can assist with.

Second, we believe in constant contact. Whenever we start working with a new client, in York or anywhere else in the world, we schedule weekly conference calls. For local clients, sometimes these are face-to-face. We want to keep you in the loop of what we are doing, what the next steps are, and what the results have been.

Over time as we grow comfortable working together, we adjust the frequency of these calls to either twice a month or monthly, based on what the client would prefer.

Being based in York, PA, we are always going to provide great service to the businesses in the community.

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